Why do you want to study at our school? Why this subject?


Two applicants for scholarship talkingYou should do your homework prior to the interview. Scholarship committee does not want to give a grant to someone who just applies everywhere, trying to get a scholarship at least somewhere :). In this interview, you need to convince them that you consider their institution the best and only option, and that you know why you want to study with them.

Please, do not forget that people at schools are typically very proud on their institutions. They consider their school the best one and it doesn’t matter if that is true or not. Therefor, you should speak positively about their institution and give clear reasons why you want to study.

What to focus on in your research?

You should spend some time on the website of the educational institution, prior to your interview. Try to focus on the following fields:

  • Study programs – choose the one you like and write down reasons why you like ti (practical application, interesting subjects, reputable teachers, anything else that catches your eye).
  • Values and goals of the institution, their identity (colors, principles, study environment, internal policy). Compliment them in the interview.
  • Achievements of the students, teachers, research activities they have conducted in the recent years.
  • Anything that distinguishes the school from their competition.

These things should mark the reasons for your preference. E.g. best study program, nice values, good reputation of the school, practical subjects, successes of former students, etc.


You can bet on money-saving

After all, this is a scholarship interview. If the school is close to your home, if you would not need to live in the dormitory, you can claim it as nr. 1 reason for your choice. Let’s have a look at two samples.

Big scholarship committee at the prestigeous UniversityI have made a detailed research about subjects in each grade of the study program. I really like the subjects. I believe that from all institutions, your school offers the best mix of theory and practical subjects. On the top of that, I really like the variety of campus activities and part time jobs you offer for students. I can see myself participating, to further support my studies financially.

I live just twenty miles from here. It is the only college within range of 100 miles from my house. Studying here, I would not need to live in the dormitory, and can save some money. Eating at home, and sleeping at home is always less expensive. At the same time, I really like the study program, so your school offers an ideal combination for me.

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