Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years from Now?


Nice students in the libraryTen years from now… That is really a long time. One can be alive, one can be dead. One can be single and one can be married. Many things can happen in ten years, and it is foolish to believe that we will be where we see ourselves now.

However, interviewers follow a clear intentions with this question:

  • To check your trustworthiness in an interview (if your answer corresponds with other answers you gave)
  • To see if you plan to be employed in the same field as you study, or progress with your career at the college
  • To somehow distinguish if you really want to study, or if you just follow the dreams of you parents or someone else

One needs to know where he wants to be

To study at the University is not easy. What more, it takes five years of your life. That is not a little time, believe me. Therefor, you need to know why you want to study, where you believe it can get you in time.

There are three good paths for your answer:


  1. Mentioning specific occupation you want to have, elated to the subject of your study.
  2. Saying that you would love to be still at school, as a post graduate student.
  3. Saying you would love to have a business, or consultancy in the same field

All of these answers will satisfy the interviewers and create  good position for you in this scholarship interview.


In ten years from now, I would like to work as a project manager in a big IT company, for example IBM or HP. I believe that with a right education and attitude I can make my dream come true.

I would like to be at this college in ten years time. I would love to continue my studies as postgraduate and research in field of time rows. But it can happen only if I get this scholarship. Otherwise, I would not even start working on it.

I see myself being a successful tax consultant in ten years time. Your school has pretty practical subjects and if I get a chance to study here and get a diploma and invest my free time into additional courses, I believe I can be tax expert  in ten years and time and help businesses to find legal ways of cost reduction.


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