What Do You Want to Accomplish in Your Life?


Hand with a red diplomaAfter all, students make the reputation of the school, not teachers. If graduates make successful careers and reach top positions in our society, it gives an educational institution a prime position on the market. On the top of that, we live in an era of numbers. Statistics who do not have anything better to do conduct various studies, such as how many percent of graduates from particular college got employment after the end of their study.

All of these things create a reputation of the college and after all decide if it is successful or not (direct and indirect impact). Therefor, you need to present yourself as a responsible individual, who has goals and knows what he wants to accomplish in life.

Needless to say, your answer should be strongly connected to the field of study. If you apply for a scholarship on a technical university, it makes no sense to speak about your dream of working with animals… Please, keep it on your mind. This connection to the subject of study is crucial in your answer. What more, you can elaborate on it, telling them exactly how well this study fit into your career plan.

Sample answers

I would love to become an expert in biochemistry. It was always my dream to work on innovations in this field, as I consider it very important for the future. I do all I can to accomplish my goal. Actually, after the research of many faculties, I believe that the study at yours institution fit perfectly into this plan and would be another step towards reaching my goal one day.

I would love to dedicate all my life to sport. I would love to become professional, and later train young people and all in all, help our country to get back where we were twenty years before, on the summit of the sport. However, because of my financial situation, I am unable to proceed on the path of professional athlete straight away and as well I would like to learn more about other subjects of life also. That’s why I chose to study at the college and play college league firstly.

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