How Would Your Friends/ Teachers Describe You?


Interviewer asking a question in a scholarship interviewThe scholarship committee  may conduct a background check on you, either before or after your interview. They may call your former class teachers, or vice principal, and inquire about your results, behavior, and personality. We hope you have had good relationships with your former tutors…. In most cases, teachers try to help their former pupils and will give a good feedback on you. But every person is different, and if you are unlucky and they call a teacher who didn’t like you (for any reason), the background check may severely damage your chances of getting a grant.

But anyway, asking this question, the scholarship committee members follow several goals:

  • To see if you are able to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and clearly formulate who you are
  • To check your trustworthiness, to compare what you say with the words of your former teachers
  • To see how you talk about your teachers, if you mention them in a positive way, or oppositely, if you look for negatives.

At the end of the day there is not much to think about at this point. They will for sure say good things about you, or at least you should believe they would. Therefor, focus on positive skills and abilities, such as responsibility, persistence, enthusiasm, motivation, attention to detail, and others. The people from scholarship committee may, as well as not, contact your former teacher to verify the information. But it is you who they meet in person, so if you make a good impression they’ll trust your words.


Sample answers

Happy studentsMy teachers would describe me as a responsible student interested in after school activities, who actively contributed to the student life.

They would say I was a good student with a clear vision of life, especially skilled in mathematics.

Well, I really liked my teachers as well as assistant principals. I believe it was mutual. They would most likely say I was a good and passionate student, always did my homework, never late to school, always creative, looking for improvement on their weaknesses.

They would say I was popular in the class, trying to help the others, actively taking part in lessons and paying attention, representing school on different events and competitions.

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