How Do You Plan to Use Your Scholarship? Where to Invest the Money?


Man si holding moneyThis is one of the most important questions in your scholarship interview. Exactly at this point, the good and bad candidates are distinguished and the decision is taken on the side of the interviewers. You should really prepare for this question prior to your job interview, doing the following:

  1. Research about prices. How much does the accommodation costs? What would be your travel expenses? How much would you need to invest into study material? What is the school admission? Simply, find out what you need to pay for to be able to have a good quality study at the college.
  2. Make a list. You can prepare it on computer, or you can use just a blank sheet of paper. Write down all your expenses and explanations. Be realistic. Do not write that you need $100 for food per day. Be humble, but realistic. To study at the University is not inexpensive. Interviewers know it. Show them where you want to invest your money and convince them that you really need it.
  3. When this question comes in an interview, take the paper out of your bag (you can ideally have some copies), hand it to the interviewers and talk about it.

Doing this, you do not only clearly show that you need money and why, but also show that you are responsible, have a sense for planning and in an ideal case, if you put it in a right way, you can convince them that you are not any money waster.

I know it takes extra time to research about these things and prepare a monthly cost breakdown for the interview. However, doesn’t matter if we speak about school or about job, extra efforts bring extra results. Most scholarship applicants do not prepare anything for their interview. You should . Be better, do more. If you do so, there is no reason why they should give a scholarship to someone else than you.

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