Do you plan to look for a part time job to earn extra money while studying?


Young asian student in a schoolThere are two good ways how to approach this question. You can play a responsible man, who uses all possible options to make some cash, to support his studies.

In this case, you should do some research prior to your interview regarding part time job opportunities at the college and in the surrounding area. Having this knowledge, you can positively surprise the interviewers with exact ideas for getting a job in the area. You can even say that you already submitted part time job applications to some companies from the area, such as food retailers or restaurants. This will really blow them away and create a picture of a responsible student in their eyes.

No time for job

Alternatively, you can play a student who does not want to work, simply because he plans to invest all the free time into studies and focus on nothing else. In fact some studies, such as law or medicine, are so difficult that it is nearly impossible to have a part time job. This approach does also creates a nice picture of you in the eyes of the scholarship committee.

Nevertheless, you should always have some plan. To say that you did not think about it yet or that you just do not know if to look for a job or not is a bad answer. Have a clear plan ready, present yourself in a right way and get a grant.


Sample answers

I am seriously thinking about getting a part time job. Actually, I already research for it in local newspaper and on the job boards. I have found about twelve flexible part time opportunities that I believe can be incorporated well into the study program. If I get a chance to continue my studies at your faculty, I will apply for these jobs and hopefully get one.

To be honest, I do not plan to get any job. My goal is to become a really good doctor, to be a prime student. And such a goal invests all my time. I can not focus on two things at a time. Study is number one priority. However, I plan to have summer jobs, to make some extra money during summer vacation, so it can further support my studies.

What to say at the end?

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